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Fairy Girl Hanging Pot Hanger Resin

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New Girl Hanging Cup Resin Decoration Fairy Combination Flower Basket Edge Decoration Garden Design Fairy Pot Huggers

1. Material: Resin
2. Style: Four types of fairy hanging cups
3.Size: 6*4*4cm/ about 2.2 inches long x 2.2 inches wide x 3.1 inches high

1.No matter what the occasion is, these unique and cute fairies will surely attract people's attention.
2. Not just flower pots, let them observe fruit bowls, lights, mirrors, anything that basically has small edges!
3. Step into the fascinating world of fairy tale gardens. With your imagination and the miniature garden supplies we have collected, you can build a home for fairies and elves in your backyard. Believe in the magic of fairies. After that, everything else will be in place.
4. They have exquisite details and a stunning antique finish. The perfect garden decoration for all fairy tale lovers.

Fairy decoration*1 (foam and carton packaging)

Processing time 5-7 business days

Shipping time: 2 weeks


Fairy Girl Hanging Pot Hanger Resin.
Fairy Girl Hanging Pot Hanger Resin Sale price$13.77