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backyard plant nursery

Discover the magic of nature's artistry and transform your backyard into an oasis that's uniquely yours. Welcome to a world where every leaf tells a tale, and every petal whispers, "home." Welcome to Backyard Plant Nursery.

exquisite lighting collection

Elevate your outdoor spaces with our exquisite lighting collection. Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality for a brighter, cozier home.


My tower arrived in perfect condition; it was easy to assemble. Perfect for small spaces, like apartments with a balcony. The price was exceptionally good. I cannot wait to get my herbs up and growing for the winter.

The plants arrived in good condition. Shipping was fast and the price was reasonable. Will buy again from this nursery.

I received my travel bag in a week. Love the colors on this bag. The bag has a lot of room to put your clothes and cosmetics. Perfect weekend bag to travel with.

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