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Women Butterfly Design Bracelet

Sale price$28.59

Keep the smooth, well-designed, shiny, and contemporary sensation.

a texture with more finesse.

Butterfly style is a wonderful, natural design.

Avoid wearing sharp things, and if dirty, wipe it off with a soft cloth.

Titanium Steel Color: Golden 

1. Feel the long-lasting luster and smoothness of our titanium steel jewelry, which is crafted with a contemporary and chic touch.

2. The surface plating procedure used on our bracelets improves the texture and gives them a more delicate and elegant appearance.

3. With our butterfly stylistic design, which features a natural and wonderful appeal that is both energetic and fun, embrace the beauty of nature.

4. Avoiding contact with sharp objects and wiping off any dirt or smudges with a soft cloth are the only simple maintenance requirements.


Package 1 bracelet 

Women Butterfly Design Bracelet
Women Butterfly Design Bracelet Sale price$28.59