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Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Solar Powered Motion Sensor Repellent IPX4
Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Solar Powered Motion Sensor Repellent IPX4
Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Solar Powered Motion Sensor Repellent IPX4

Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Solar Powered Motion Sensor Repellent IPX4

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    This ultrasonic animal repeller adopts advanced ultrasonic and PIR motion-activated technology to offer you an optional solution for repelling unwanted animals or pests effectively by emitting a powerful ultrasonic wave. It is powered by solar panels in the sun and stand-by when it detects no motion. Besides it is IPX4 waterproof which can be inserted outdoor such as gardens farms ponds without harm from rain and snow. You can simply insert the animal repeller into the ground or hang it on a wall to protect your yard patio garage attics porches boats etc. Range info: Infrared (PIR) Sensor Range: 110 degree Detection Distance: Up to 30 ft. depending on animal size Coverage Area: 2 425 Sq.ft.


    • Solar Powered & Energy Saving: High photoelectric conversion solar panel on its top it can be charged by solar panel in the sun. Additionally once turned ON when the PIR sensor detects motion red-LED light will be lit up. The ultrasonic signal will run for 15 seconds. Following this the Repeller will return to stand-by mode which can save more energy.
    • Humanistic & Versatile: No traps no harm to humans or animals and chemical free. Adjustable frequency and sensitivity dials allow you to get rid of cats dogs birds mice squirrels rats skunks raccoons birds deer mosquitoes and more. Or set it to repel all of them at the same time.
    • IPX4 Waterproof: IPX4 Waterproof design makes it keep working in rainy snowy or freezing weather conditions no matter in the gardens farms ponds or when you are camping.
    • Easy To Install & Carry: You can simply insert the animal repeller into the ground with a removable pole (included) or hang up where there is plenty of sun light and switch it on which is perfect for yards patios garages attics porches boats gardens farms ponds etc.. Besides it is mini enough for you to take it outdoor such as camping. Note:Please leave the pole about 4 inches or more above the ground. Don't hammer directly on the device but dig a hole to mount it.

    • 1. Please peel off the transparent protective coating on the top of the solar panel to ensure it can absorb sunlight efficiently.
    • 2. Do not cover up the PIR sensor; choose a place where the solar panel on the top can get as long time sunshine as possible.
    • 3. Please install the device in the direction that animals come from to get a better effect.
    • 4. Allow the Animal Repeller to operate continuously for the best results.
    • 5. Do not immerse the repeller in water.
    • 6. Do not cover-up the PIR sensor.
    • 7. The Animal Repeller can be only recharged by solar panels.
    • 8. Battery can’t be removed.
    • 9. To clean the repeller use a damp-soft cloth and mild soap with water. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning agents. That may damage the repeller.


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