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Let’s Dance Arriba!® Flowering Hydrangea Shrubs - Bigleaf Hydrangea Quart Size

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Say hello to Let's Dance ¡Arriba! Hydrangea, our most prolific and reliable blooming mophead hydrangea yet! This exquisite hybrid of H. macrophylla and H. serrata brings forth a bounty of large, dense mophead flowers, making it a garden favorite.

🌺 Prolific Blooms, Instant Beauty: Let's Dance ¡Arriba! hydrangea is not just a showstopper; it's a fast bloomer too! Its profuse flowering allows you to pot up trimmed liners and have a fully blooming plant ready for sale in the same year.

🎨 Rich Color Palette: The blooms of Let's Dance ¡Arriba! hydrangea boast a rich color spectrum, ranging from hot pink to purple and even transforming into mesmerizing blues, all influenced by your soil pH, phosphorus, and aluminum levels. As they age, the blooms gracefully transition to an enchanting mauve pink, adding depth and elegance to your garden.

🌞 Versatile Growing Conditions: Suited for USDA Zones 4-9 and thriving in both full sun and part sun exposure, this deciduous beauty stands 2-3 feet tall and wide. Its lush green foliage provides a stunning backdrop to its vibrant blooms, creating a visual masterpiece in your garden.

🌱 Easy to Pot, Quick to Bloom: Presented in a convenient quart-size pot, Let's Dance ¡Arriba! hydrangea is ready to grace your garden with its brilliance. Plant it, nurture it, and watch it flourish into a blooming marvel, elevating your outdoor space.

Don't miss the chance to adorn your garden with the resplendent Let's Dance ¡Arriba! Hydrangea. 🌸🍃