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Greenhouse with 8 Shelves 4.7'x4.7'x6.4'

Greenhouse with 8 Shelves 4.7'x4.7'x6.4'

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Extend your growing season with our greenhouse. It is ideal for both new and experienced gardeners!

This greenhouse is structured with a rust-resistant sturdy steel frame and PVC film, which ensures superior durability and for long-lasting use. Constructed with 8 wired shelves (4 on each side), this greenhouse provides ample space for your sprouting plants, blooming flowers and fresh herbs and vegetables. The transparent plastic cover allows sunlight to reach the flowers and plants, also you can monitor your plants all the time. Designed with zippered roll-up door, it ensures well air circulation and easy access to your plants.

The greenhouse is easy to set up or take down with no special tools required and easy to move and store when the season shifts.

Color: Green frame + transparent cover
Material: Powder-coated tubular steel + 100% PVC
Transparent tear-resistant covering
Number of shelf: 8
Overall dimensions: 4.7' x 4.7' x 6.4' (W x D x H)
Easy in and out with the zipped door

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