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Fire Light Rich Pomegranate Pink -Hydrangea paniculate Quart Pot Starter Plant

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Introducing Fire Light® hydrangea, the epitome of hardy hydrangeas that stands as a testament to nature's unparalleled artistry.

🌸 A Symphony of Colors: Marvel at the beauty of Fire Light® hydrangea as its upright panicles burst into bloom adorned with delicate florets that transition from pure white to a resplendent pomegranate pink. 

🌿 Sturdy Elegance: Fire Light® hydrangea boasts thick, sturdy stems that proudly support its magnificent flowers, ensuring they are prominently displayed in your garden. 

🍃 Low Maintenance Marvel: Embrace the joy of gardening without the hassle. Fire Light® hydrangea is exceptionally hardy, thriving even in chilly Zone 3 climates. Its low-maintenance nature and easy-to-grow characteristics make it the perfect choice for both novice and experienced gardeners. Say goodbye to worries, and let this resilient plant grace your garden effortlessly.

🏆 Hydrangea of the Year: Recognized for its outstanding qualities, Fire Light® hydrangea earned the prestigious title of the 2019 Hydrangea of the Year. Its unparalleled beauty and resilience have made it a top choice among garden enthusiasts, and now, it can adorn your outdoor sanctuary with its brilliance.

🌱 General Specifications:

  • Common Name: Fire Light® Hydrangea
  • Type: Deciduous Shrub
  • Hardiness Zones: Flourishing in USDA Zones 3a to 8B.
  • Height: Reaching a majestic height of 6 to 8 ft.
  • Width: Spreading gracefully, it covers an area of 6 to 8 ft.
  • Bloom Time: Delighting your garden with early, mid, and late summer blooms, this hydrangea ensures a season-long spectacle.
  • Flower Color: From pristine white to alluring red, experience the captivating color transition that defines Fire Light® hydrangea.
  • Foliage Color: Lush green leaves complement the vibrant blooms, creating a harmonious balance in your garden.

🔥 Ignite Your Garden with Fire Light® Hydrangea: Embrace the brilliance of Fire Light® hydrangea and transform your garden into a haven of vibrant hues and timeless elegance. Experience the artistry of nature at its finest with Fire Light® hydrangea, a true masterpiece in the world of horticulture. 🔥🌸

Rich Pomegranate Pink -Hydrangea paniculate Quart  Pot Starter Plant
Fire Light Rich Pomegranate Pink -Hydrangea paniculate Quart Pot Starter Plant Sale price$25.00