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Fiesta Bush Hibiscus Plant Live: Stunning Yellow and Orange Color Flowers 3 gal

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**Hibiscus Fiesta**: Celebrate the vibrant and exuberant beauty of the hibiscus plant, a staple in any tropical garden. With petals that blend from deep yellow to a fiery orange, these flowers capture the essence of a sunset, making every day feel like a festival.

**Starter Plant**: Ideal for new gardeners, the hibiscus plant is a forgiving starter plant that rewards even the novice with lush, broad green leaves and spectacular blooms. Its hardy nature and rapid growth make it a favorite among those looking to add a splash of color with minimal fuss.

**Tropical Plant**: As a tropical plant, hibiscus thrives in warm climates and brings an exotic touch to any landscape. Its large, colorful flowers and dark, glossy leaves are often associated with the relaxed, carefree lifestyle of tropical paradises.

**Hibiscus Flower**: The hibiscus flower is renowned for its dramatic size and vivid hues. Each bloom serves as a natural attractant for butterflies and hummingbirds, making the hibiscus a lively addition to any garden aiming to promote local wildlife.

**Full Sun Plants**: Hibiscus plants are quintessential full sun plants, requiring at least six hours of direct sunlight each day to prosper. This sun-loving nature is what gives their flowers such vibrant colors, which are most intense when the plant is exposed to ample sunlight.

**Flowering Shrubs**: Often grown as flowering shrubs, hibiscus can create dense hedges that provide not only privacy but a continuous display of blossoms throughout the warmer months. They can be pruned to maintain a desired size or shape, adding structure and depth to garden designs.

**Flowering Plants**: Among flowering plants, hibiscus stands out for its ability to bloom repeatedly throughout the season. Each flower lasts only a day or two, but new buds keep forming and opening over several months, providing a long-lasting spectacle of color.

Hibiscus plants can grow in USDA hardiness zones 5 through 11, but their care and winter protection requirements will vary significantly across these zones.

- **Zones 9 to 11**: Hibiscus plants are most comfortable in these zones. They can be grown outdoors year-round without special winter protection, as the climate is warm enough to support their tropical nature.

- **Zones 7 and 8**: In these areas, hibiscus plants may need protection during colder periods. Mulching and covering the plants or bringing them indoors can help them survive the winter.

- **Zones 5 and 6**: It's challenging to grow hibiscus outdoors year-round in these zones due to harsh winters. They are often grown as potted plants that can be brought indoors during the cold months or treated as annuals.

3 gallon pot - we do not ship in pots

For the best results, gardeners should choose a variety suitable for their local climate and be prepared to provide extra care as needed during colder seasons.

Hibiscus Plant
Fiesta Bush Hibiscus Plant Live: Stunning Yellow and Orange Color Flowers 3 gal Sale price$49.95