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Chinese Evergreen "Siam Aurora ' Quart Pot

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  • Aglaonema 'Siam Aurora': A Radiant Jewel in Indoor Gardening

    The Aglaonema 'Siam Aurora,' commonly known as the Siam Aurora or Chinese Evergreen, is a mesmerizing and highly sought-after houseplant renowned for its vibrant foliage and easy-care nature. This stunning cultivar belongs to the Aglaonema genus, a group of tropical plants native to Southeast Asia and has captivated indoor gardening enthusiasts with its captivating beauty. From its colorful leaves to its adaptability, the Aglaonema 'Siam Aurora' is a true gem for plant lovers and an excellent addition to any home or office space.

    Appearance and Foliage: The Aglaonema 'Siam Aurora' is celebrated for its exceptional beauty, making it a popular choice for both beginners and experienced plant enthusiasts. Its distinctive foliage features lush, lance-shaped leaves that grow in an upright fashion. These leaves are adorned with a stunning blend of colors that create a captivating visual display. The predominant colors on the leaves are rich green and bright pink, with varying patterns and shades that resemble brushstrokes of an artist's palette. The combination of green and pink in various hues makes the 'Siam Aurora' truly enchanting.

    The leaves of this Aglaonema cultivar can reach up to 12 inches in length, and they often display a silver or white pattern along the veins, adding another layer of elegance to its appearance. The overall effect is a striking, eye-catching plant that brings a touch of tropical paradise into your living space.

    Growing Zones: The Aglaonema 'Siam Aurora' is well-suited for indoor cultivation and is not cold-hardy, so it thrives in USDA hardiness zones 10 and above. In these zones, it can be grown outdoors in shaded or protected areas during warm months but should be brought indoors when temperatures drop below 50°F (10°C). For regions with colder climates, it's best to keep this plant indoors year-round or move it outdoors temporarily during the summer.

    Care Tips: One of the most appealing aspects of the Aglaonema 'Siam Aurora' is its low-maintenance nature. Here are some essential care tips to help you keep this radiant beauty thriving:

    1. Light: Provide bright, indirect sunlight for your 'Siam Aurora.' It can tolerate lower light conditions, but its colors will be more vibrant and striking with proper indirect light. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, as it can scorch the leaves.

    2. Temperature: Maintain a stable indoor temperature between 65°F to 80°F (18°C to 27°C). Avoid drafts and sudden temperature fluctuations, which can stress the plant.

    3. Watering: Allow the top inch (2.5 cm) of the soil to dry out before watering. Water thoroughly but ensure that the pot has good drainage to prevent root rot. Reduce watering during the winter months when the plant's growth slows down.

    4. Humidity: Aglaonemas appreciate higher humidity levels. You can increase humidity by misting the plant or placing a humidity tray nearby. Grouping multiple plants together can also create a microclimate with higher humidity.

    5. Fertilization: Feed your 'Siam Aurora' every 4-6 weeks during the growing season (spring and summer) with a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted to half strength. Reduce fertilization during the winter when the plant is not actively growing.

    6. Pruning: Trim any yellowing or damaged leaves to maintain the plant's appearance and health. Pruning can also encourage new growth and maintain its bushy shape.

    7. Repotting: Repot your Aglaonema 'Siam Aurora' every 2-3 years or when it becomes root-bound. Choose a slightly larger pot and refresh the potting mix to provide adequate space for growth.

    8. Pest Control: Keep an eye out for common houseplant pests like spider mites and mealybugs. Regularly inspect your plant and treat any infestations promptly with neem oil or insecticidal soap.

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Chinese Evergreen "Siam Aurora ' Quart Pot Sale price$22.96