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Texas Scarlet Chaenomeles Quince Quart Pot

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Ignite your garden with the fiery allure of Texas Scarlet Quince, a spreading bush that heralds the arrival of spring with its brilliant red, apple-bloom-like blossoms. This deciduous beauty is a beacon of color and life, offering a spectacular show before the leaves emerge.

A Springtime Spectacle: Texas Scarlet Quince bursts into life each spring with an explosion of vibrant red blossoms. These striking flowers, resembling delicate apple blooms.

Fruitful Rewards: In addition to its breathtaking flowers, Texas Scarlet Quince produces greenish-yellow fruits, adding another layer of interest to its presence in your garden. These fruits, while subtle in color, contribute to the overall charm of this delightful bush.

Versatile and Invigorating: Texas Scarlet Quince is a versatile plant that finds its home in various garden settings. It thrives under the full sun and partial sun, allowing you the flexibility to choose the perfect spot in your garden. Whether used in bush borders or as a foundation plant, its spreading nature lends an invigorating touch to any landscape design.

Deciduous Elegance: As a deciduous plant, Texas Scarlet Quince undergoes the natural cycle of shedding its leaves in the fall, providing a serene winter silhouette. Its seasonal transformation adds depth and character to your garden throughout the year.

Hardy and Resilient: Thriving in USDA Zones 5 to 9, Texas Scarlet Quince is well-equipped to handle diverse climates.

Plant this delightful deciduous beauty and watch your garden come alive with the vivid hues of Texas Scarlet Quince.

Texas Scarlet Chaenomeles Quince Quart  Pot
Texas Scarlet Chaenomeles Quince Quart Pot Sale price$25.00