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Magnolia "Kobus" Northern Japanese Magnolia 12-18" 1 gallon pot

Magnolia "Kobus" Northern Japanese Magnolia 12-18" 1 gallon pot

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The Kobus magnolia is closely related to the Star MagnoliaMagnolia Stellata and some authorities consider the star magnolia to be a variety of M. Kobus, M. Kobus var. stellata.

Magnolia Kobus blooms in the early spring, bearing pleasantly fragrant white flowers with hints of pale pink about 10 cm (4 in) in diameter.

Zones 5-8

1 yr transplant 12-18"  1 - gallon pot

Magnolias generally like acidic soil, and if you have neutral or alkaline soil, you can heavily amend it with peat moss to lower the pH before planting. However, you will need to continue adjusting the pH periodically by mulching around the plant with pine needles or another acidic mulch, or by feeding it with an acid fertilizer to keep the plant healthy.



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