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Magnolia "Kobus" Northern Japanese Magnolia 12-18" 1 gallon pot

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Embrace the Beauty of Magnolia Kobus:

Step into spring with the enchanting allure of Magnolia Kobus, a close relative to the Star Magnolia, Magnolia Stellata. Brimming with delicate, fragrant blossoms, this marvel of nature paints your garden with shades of pristine white and hints of pale pink..

Key Features:

1. Early Spring Bloomer: Magnolia Kobus heralds the arrival of spring with its early blooms. Imagine delicate white flowers, each about 10 cm (4 in) in diameter, gracing your garden with their understated elegance.

2. Fragrant Bliss: Let the pleasant fragrance of Magnolia Kobus waft through your garden, enchanting your senses. The sweet, floral aroma invites you to linger, making it a delightful addition to any outdoor space.

3. Versatile Planting: Magnolia Kobus thrives in USDA hardiness zones 5-8, making it suitable for a wide range of climates.

4. Easy Care: While Magnolia Kobus appreciates acidic soil, its adaptable nature allows it to flourish with proper amendments. Simply amend neutral or alkaline soil with peat moss before planting, and periodically adjust the pH with acidic mulch or fertilizers to maintain the plant's health.

5. Perfect Size: Delivered to you as a 1-year transplant, measuring 12-18 inches, this Magnolia Kobus fits seamlessly into your garden layout. Its manageable size allows you to place it as a focal point, border, or specimen, enhancing your garden's visual appeal.

Create a Fragrant Spring Haven:. Embrace the essence of spring and create a fragrant sanctuary with the exquisite Magnolia Kobus!