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CHICAGO LUSTRE® Viburnum - Arrowwood Male for Blue Muffin -4
CHICAGO LUSTRE® Viburnum - Arrowwood Male for Blue Muffin -4

    CHICAGO LUSTRE® Viburnum - Arrowwood Male for Blue Muffin -4" Pot

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    Arrowwood  Viburnum Bush Shrub has creamy white summer flowers are followed by blue fruit in late summer. Chicago Lustre is a good pollinator. 

    Maybe trimmed after flowering (leave flowers for fall berries.) Native. Deer resistant. The fruit is good for birds but not humans.

    Arrowwood  Viburnum Bush Shrub Potted Plant 4" Pot (in states that I cannot ship with soil, plants will be shipped bare root.)

    Arrowwood  Viburnum Bush Shrub:

    • Produces Berries
    • Fall Interest
    • Attracts:
    • Birds
    • Butterflies
    • Resists:
    • Deer
    • Native to North America


    CHARACTERISTICS of Arrowwood  Viburnum Bush Shrub

    • Plant Type: Shrub
    • Shrub Type: Deciduous
    • Height Category: Tall
    • Garden Height: 60 - 84 Inches
    • Spacing: 72 - 96 Inches
    • Spread: 60 - 84 Inches
    • Flower Colors: White
    • Flower Shade: White
    • Foliage Colors: Green
    • Foliage Shade: Green
    • Habit: Upright

    Light Requirement: Part Sun to Sun
    Maintenance Category: Easy
    Blooms On: Old Wood
    Bloom Time: Early Summer
    Mid Summer
    Hardiness Zones: 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b
    Water Category: Average
    Uses: Landscape
    Uses Notes: 
    Arrowwood  Viburnum Bush Shrub makes a great hedge or foundation planting, excellent for residential landscapes. Also good in groupings, masses, and as a filler in the shrub border, good as a screen and for use in parking lots.

    PLEASE NOTE: To produce berries, you'll need another V. dentatum - Chicago Lustre is the male.  1 male for every 4 Blue Muffins.  See the listing for this plant.

    Blue Muffin is a useful viburnum variety. More compact than other Arrowwood viburnums, it fits easily into the residential landscape. Easy to grow, with little or no maintenance required, Blue Muffin adapts to most locations with full sun to partial shade. Clean white flowers make for a crisp contrast with the glossy green leaves in early to mid-summer. The remarkably intense blue fruit that inspired the Blue Muffin name appears in late summer and fall. The fruit adds interest to the fall landscape and attracts songbirds to the garden. Berries are not edible.

    Blue Muffin® Viburnum dentatum 'Christom'



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