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Virginia Sweetspire Itea Virginia "Henry Garent" 4" Pot

Virginia Sweetspire Itea Virginia "Henry Garent" 4" Pot

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‘Henry’s Garnet’ Virginia sweetspire is a very dependable, showy plant. It is an arching, 3- to a 5-foot-tall shrub that holds its leaves well into fall, allowing the maroon, yellow, and orange tones to develop and reveal themselves over time. Virginia sweetspire also produces an early-summer show, featuring slender, drooping racemes of white flowers that attract all sorts of pollinating insects. Its suckering, slowly spreading, 6-foot-wide habit makes it an excellent choice for slopes and mass plantings.

Beautiful fall color and nice early-summer flowers.

Care Provide full sun to light shade and wet to moderately dry soil. It is adaptable to clay soil.

4" Pot



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