You can't go wrong with hydrangeas!

You can't go wrong with hydrangeas!

One of the most beautiful flowering shrubs are hydrangeas.  Not only are they gorgeous, they come in a RAINBOW of colors from white to the purpliest purple you can imagine.

Not only are the gorgeous, they are tolerant of heat, drought and cold and can be grown in zones USDA 3 to 9.  That's a pretty broad range of growing areas. Most important thing to remember when caring for flowering hydrangeas is to make sure they have good drainage whether they are in the ground or in a pot. 

In addition the the beautiful colors, hydrangeas have a long blooming season making them the perfect accent flowering shrub for your yard. The most familiar color for many is the white hydrangea found in Annabelle and Incrediball. Great big beautiful white balls of flowers.  

But if you're looking for color, be sure to consider the blue of the Penny Mac Hydrangea or our favorite, Pinky Winky Hydrangea with it's pretty strawberry and vanilla colors.   Flowering Hydrangea Shrubs

If you purchase your flowering hydrangea shrubs when it's hot, you may want to plant in a large container. Be sure to give them plenty to drink along with sun. If you decide to plant your hydrangeas in the ground, be sure to give them a good soaking several times a week during the first growing season backing off after that.

Go ahead and plant these colorful beauties and enjoy explosion of colors for many years to come!



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