What are the best trees to plant in your yard?

What are the best trees to plant in your yard?

Landscaping your yard or thinking about hiring someone to do it for you?  Trees are a must have on your list for many reasons.  Not only do they add much needed shade in the summertime, they also add color, interest and design to your yard.

A beautiful tree can be the focal point or can act as a privacy barrier between you and your neighbor.  But what trees should you choose?  This is our list of the best trees to plant in your yard:

  • Dogwood Tree.  The dogwood tree is one of America's most popular trees. And for good reasons.  In the spring, this tree blooms in a burst of pink, white or red flowers. Leaves will be bright red in the fall.  This tree easily adapts to most USDA hardiness zones.  Dogwood Tree
  • Redbud Tree.  Like the dogwood, this tree also puts on flowery show in the spring with bright purple-pink flowers. Very easy to grow and okay zones 4 - 9.
  • Sugar Maple.  What a beauty in fall!  Sugar maple is grown commercially for its delicious syrup but also is a show stopper when used as a focal point in the landscape of your yard.  
  • Weeping Cherry. Weeping Cherry Tree is widely considered one of the most beautiful flowering ornamental trees. It is adaptable to a number of different soil conditions and can be grown in the U.S.  This tree looks like it might be difficult to grow but it's actually one of the easiest flowering trees to take care of.
  • And our final pick is the Forest Pansy Redbud Tree.  'Forest Pansy' is a purple-leaved cultivar of the popular Missouri native redbud tree. Fall color is variable, but often includes attractive shades of reddish-purple and orange. Easily grown in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. This tree is a rapid grower and will reach heights of 20 - 30 feet.   

Sugar Maple Tree


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