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How to get your garden ready for winter.

by Suzanne OConnor on November 13, 2020

It's here.  What's here? Winter.  Many people don't think about their gardens once fall arrives. But there are still things that need done at this time of year.  These few things will have your garden ready for spring blooms:

  • Pull up dead or dying plants paying particular attention to pests or disease.  You don't want either of these to spend the winter in your garden bed.
  • Cut back your perennials to 4-6" above the soil. BUT don't do this until the first frost in areas that get frost and snow.
  • Take off slimy leaves when you're cutting perennials back. This is important so that again disease and bugs don't spend the winter in your garden.
  • Have plants that are still standing? Leave them alone. They'll provide food and protection for birds.
  • Once your garden is clean and ready for winter, cover it with one to six inches of compost.  This will "feed" your garden all winter.
  • Plant your bulbs for beautiful spring flowers.
  • Plant your bareroot trees. Follow the instructions included with your tree.
  • Rake leaves and put into your compost to be used later.
  • Clean up and store gardening tools and gear where you can easily find them next spring.

A little effort in the winter, creates a beautiful spring.