How to correctly repot a plant.

How to correctly repot a plant.

Looking at the plants in containers around you and thinking they may have outgrown their pots? You're probably right.  Although there are certain plants and flowering shrubs that do like to be tightly contained in their pot, most need room for their roots to spread out so they can grow. 

Take a few moments to set up before tacking your repotting jobs.  Have the new pot nearby and ready to go. It's also easier if the plant you're transferring is slightly dry to make it easier to get it out of it's current pot.  

To remove the plant from the old pot, place your hand over the soil around the plant and tip over. If the plant doesn't come out, gently rock the plant back and forth to loosen it.

If the roots are wrapped tightly together, loosen and try to detangle as well as you can. You may need to cut a bit from the root ball. But don't worry. The root ball will be okay as long as you remove less than 1/4 of it.

Put fresh potting mix for containers in the bottom of your new pot. See how the plant fits. It should be sitting right about the lid of the new container. Continue adding soil and gently tap down. Be sure not to pack too tightly so you don't suffocate the plant.

After transplanting, prune your plant and remove wilted or dead leaves.  Be sure to keep your plant watered as it adapts to it's new home. 

Happy planting!




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