How often to water trees in summer?

How often to water trees in summer?

One question we get quite often is "how often do I need to water my trees in the summertime?  There is no single answer to this question. 

The best thing to do is to check the soil.  You want moist not soggy soil around your trees.  Dig down roughly two inches and if the soil is dry, you'll want to water. How much?  For every inch in diameter the tree is, water ten gallons.   Water slow to allow the water to penetrate the soil and reach the root zone for the tree.

For newly plant trees, you should water more often.  Young, newly planted trees are still establishing their roots.  Be sure to water newly planted trees daily for the first few weeks after planting.  After that, water these trees weekly during the growing season being careful not to overwater. white fringe tree

Consistency is key.  Be sure you don't allow the soil to completely dry out or to remain soggy as that will stress your trees.

Tip mulch is your best friend! Apply two to four inches of mulch around your trees will help regulate the soil temperature along with keeping the roots moist.  

Should you water your trees in the winter months? Yes when it's dryer than normal.  Water your trees when there is no snow cover and the temps rise above 40 degrees farenheit.

Keeping your trees properly water will give you years of enjoyment down the road.

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