Caring for your flowering trees during summer.

Caring for your flowering trees during summer.

  • It's hot. As in HOT.  Not only are we suffering, so are our plants, trees and shrubs.  If you have flowering and other trees in your yard, here are a few things to help you care for them during the summer and into the fall:Water.  If you have newly planted trees, be sure to water when dealing with extreme heat or drought. Even for established trees, it's not a bad idea to water.  Trees need roughly an inch of water per week.  If you aren't getting rain in your area, take some time to water.  
  • Mulch.  Mulching is a great way to make sure your trees stay healthy during the summer. Not only does it keep the soil temperature down, it helps with weed control.
  • Fertilize.  Fertilizing makes sure your trees have plenty of good nutrition to support leaf and shoot growth as well as fighting off bugs and disease.
  • Pruning.  We prune trees to keep them healthy.  Although ideally most pruning should be done when the tree is dormant, pruning should be done during summer if there are dead or diseased branches/limbs.

Simple summer care steps that will go a long way to keeping your trees healthy and beautiful.

Happy gardening!



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