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August Gardening Checklist

by Denise Sanger on August 18, 2020

It's August! The dog days of summer are upon us which means we need to spend a little bit more time caring for our gardens. These tips will help your garden stay beautiful right into Fall:

  • Weeds, weeds, weeds.  Doesn't matter how dry the soil is, weeds continue to pop up. Pull them as you see them. A few minutes daily goes a long way to maintaining a weed free garden.  
  • Deadhead (remove) dead flower blooms.  Your flowering shrubs and bushes will look fresh when the dead blooms are removed. 
  • Prune small branches are your trees and shrubs.
  • Be sure to new plantings (within the past 6 months) daily.
  • Check your soil. August is a great time to have your soil tested so you can add needed nutrients before spring blooms.
  • It's time to plan! Order your spring bulbs and get ready to plant trees in fall such as beautiful flowering trees like Dogwood or Lilac trees. 

A little time spent daily in the garden goes a long way.  Enjoy!